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Neplatný Vstup

AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland®

AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® AG/SA was founded in 2004 by René-C. Schümperli, Dr. E. M., the inventor of the method.

It is the only training reference center of the original method worldwide.

Seat of the Academy is in Switzerland (CH-3960, Sierre-Siders).

Modern technology of noninvasive atlanto-occipital correction

The training of the method is intended for those who work in the field of health and have knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, with clinical practice, especially:

- medical doctors / dentists

- physiotherapists / osteopaths / chiropractors

- other professionals in the field of health

The training is given by health professionals and is conceived based on the knowledge and data verified over years of clinical practice in accordance with evidence-based medicine. The training focuses on an intensive practical education and contains a theoretical part related to the atlas as well as to the method.

To apply for the training

Each student receives during the training the patented device, manufactured directly in Switzerland. Each is equipped by a serial number, and CE certificate.

Upon completion of the course, you will immediately be able to begin treatments in your clinical practice with great success.

Millions of people have already benefited from the method worldwide.