René-Claudius Schümperli was born near Zurich in Switzerland. During his childhood and youth
he had many accidents of the body. During 40 years nobody was able
to help him to find a solution for his permanent suffering.

Following his scientific research clinical observations confirmed his
hypothesis. Finally in 1993 René-C. Schümperli proved that the first
cervical vertebra - atlas - of almost all humans is in an incorrect
rotational position. The next step was to find solution how to get the
atlas back into its original position.

Between 1993 and 1996 he developed perfect diagnostics, a patented device
and the unique intervention to correct the position of the atlas and thus
get the body into symmetry.

His life's mission to help the mankind was fully accomplished.

AtlasPROfilax® today

AtlasPROfilax® Corporation

AtlasPROfilax® has moved into the next phase. To accomplish the scientific research and its practical implementation are the main pillars of development. Main vision is to spread the knowledge about the method and make it available to give people a chance to live a better life.

The word AtlasPROfilax® means from the atlas - a first cervical vertebra,
the AtlasProf® - Professional of the AtlasPROfilax® intervention and
Prophylaxis - prevention.