The AtlasPROfilax® method

The AtlasPROfilax® method is a massage technique which has been specially developed to realign the incorrect position of the first cervical vertebra. It has been carried out already since 1997 with the only patented device worldwide.

The technology consists in a precise pressure-vibration massage on the neck muscles as to return the atlas into its correct position under the skull.

The atlas correction requires normally one session and it is a gentle application without cracking, manipulation or traction.

It is the only possibility how to influence the atlas vertebra non-invasively, and within few minutes and safely move it back into its natural stable position.

The Treatment

The Treatment consists of:

* Fill-in health questionnaire and interview.
* Identification of the exact position of the atlas in relation to the occiput by a special examination.
* The application itself which takes 3-5 minutes and is performed in sitting position. Its intensity and duration are adapted to age and constitution of each individual. Actual heatlh condition is also taken into account. The procedure is risk-free and is very well tolerated.
* Check-up of the correction and recommendations.

Before and after the procedure no major special precautions are needed.


The AtlasPROfilax® application is provided safely only by certified specialists (so-called Atlasprof®s) strictly trained at the Swiss AtlasPROfilax® Academy. Only they are qualified and able to correctly apply the method. Their list is diplayed on the official websites. The specialists undergo an annual control of the quality of the application to gain prolongation of their license.

After the procedure

Once the atlas has reached its natural stable position it cannot misalign again.

Due to anatomical and mechanical reasons the effect of the Treatment is permanent.

This permanence allows long-term activation of the inborn self-healing mechanisms which were disturbed by the misaligned atlas offering a chance to re-establish physical and mental balance.

The body will work more symmetrically and will try to overcome the existing wrong situation on the musculoskeletal system in accordance with the biomechanical and biological laws.

The nervous and locomotary system work towards a better posture and bodily symmetry, better overall tension, mobility and stability. Improvement of the circulation might also contribute to a better overall condition.


Noticeable reactions can appear after the procedure. They are part of the self-restorative process and depend on health status, especially on the severity and duration of the previous physical and psychological problems.

These reactions can occur immediately after the procedure, or only weeks or even months later. They can range from fatigue, mood swings, to muscle tension or discomfort around the neck and back region (adaptation of the muscular and ligamentous apparatus). They are sign that the body tries to overcome and heal old ailments and compensations.

Regeneration and benefits

The self-restorative process after the atlas correction is an overall regenerative process and includes readjustment of the body mechanics, circulation, nervous system function as well as body's chemistry and metabolism. It is recommended to support the body with other treatment and therapies to get an optimal after effect of the atlas treatment.

Some results appear immediately (in posture and improvement of the head rotations). Nevertheless, it might take up to 2 years until the changes settle down. The range and depth of benefits depend amongst other on the nature and duration of the problems as well as on lifestyle.

Therefore, observe your body carefully and support the self-healing process with regular massages, exercise, healthy habits and professional physical therapy if needed. Other treatments can be now more effective.

Common benefits

better quality of life and sleep, better mobility, improved coordination and balance, increased mobility, reduced pain, better posture, more energy etc.


The AtlasPROfilax® method contributes to optimal health and overall condition by the atlas correction. However, it is above all an elementary preventative measure which is recommended to apply as soon as possible. Especially in children is indicated for their healthful development.

The sonner the atlas realignment is performed the less the body would be negatively influenced by its malposition. Thereby, the healing process might take place smoother and faster.