Correction of the position of the atlas, ONCE, PRECISELY and PERMANENTLY

AtlasPROfilax® DIAGNOSIS - Before the intervention on the atlas it is absolutely necessary to determine the exact position of the atlas. Without this unique AtlasPROfilax® diagnosis it is impossible to perform the precise and safe intervention on the atlas vertebra. The intensity and duration of the treatment is adapted to age and constitution of each individual.

The AtlasPROfilax® intervention is provided safely only by certified specialists - medical doctors and health professionals - strictly trained at the Swiss AtlasPROfilax® Academy who are listed on the official website. Only those so called "Atlasprof®s" who know precisely the anatomy of the whole body can identify the precise location of the application and are thus able to correct the atlas completely and without any danger.

Our specialists must undergo an annual inspection and retraining comprising anatomy and physiology to gain a prolongation of their license. Therefore they must be able to show the valid license. We guarantee the professional service and approach of our doctors - Atlasprof®s.

The AtlasPROfilax® method

This revolutionary Swiss method of René-C. Schümperli is carried out already since 1997 with the only one patented device worldwide.


The technology consists in a precise pressure-vibration massage on the neck muscles and returns the atlas into its original position between the skull and the spine.

This is the only possibility how to influence the atlas bone non-invasively, ie. without surgery intervention, and during a couple of minutes and safely move the atlas back into its natural position without disrupting anything else in the body.

After the procedure

Once the atlas has reached its natural stable position, it will never rotate again due to anatomical and mechanical reasons.

This permanence allows the long-term activation of the inborn self-healing mechanisms, a fundamental ability of the human body, offering the chance to physical, psychical and mental recovery.

The body will work more symmetrically and will try to overcome the existing bad situation on the musculoskeletal system in accordance with the biomechanical law leading gradually to a better posture.

The nervous and vascular system of the brain and the body works better improving the overall condition up to complete recovery of human being.


These can take few days up to several months or even years depending on the physical and psychical state and lifestyle of each individual. Possible reactions can appear in the form of neck or back tensions or discomfort (adaptation of musculo-ligamentous apparatus), fatigue, mood changes etc. The old health troubles might rise again temporarily in changed form to disappear later.

Therefore, observe your body carefully and support the self-healing process with regular massages, exercise, healthy habits and professional physical therapy if needed. Other techniques will be more effective now.

Prevention and children

The method should be among others considered as elementary preventative measure. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply it in children as early as possible, so they can grow up healthily and develop in an optimal way.