World leader in the correction of the atlas vertebra

Swiss quality - already since 1997

The first cervical vertebra - ATLAS - is in an incorrect rotational position in practically all humans which can be cause of various pain, aches, imbalances and other health troubles.

The technique developed by the Swiss René-C. Schümperli is first of its kind worldwide allowing to return the atlas into its originally correct position.

The correct position of the atlas triggers the inborn self-healing mechanism contributing to an optimal health and a better quality of life.

The safety and efficiency of the method has been verified over more than 20 years. It is a real breakthrough in the approach to the head joints.

The area of the atlas (cranio-cervical junction) is important for symmetrical body guidance and undisturbed communication between the head and body.

The position of the atlas has impact on our body as well as on our mind.

Correction of the position of the atlas - accurately and permanently.

The atlas carries not only the head...

After the procedure your life might change for the better. You can get a positive effect immediately for example on posture or improvement of head rotation.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already benefited from the intervention, improving their aching neck, back, joints, release tensions, improve circulation, increase range of motion, improving posture or simply just feel better.

The atlas realignment can help with these symptoms:

migraines and headache, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, scoliosis, vertigo and balance problems, tinnitus, poor posture, fatigue, poor sleep, TMJ disorder and bite issues, shoulder pain, limited mobility, slipped disc, scoliosis, pain in the hips and knee problems, displaced pelvis, low back pain, frozen shoulder, psychical disbalance, leg's length difference, jammed spinal nerves, muscle contractions, fibromyalgia, tingling in the arms, general discomfort, digestive disorders, Whipplash syndrome, anxiety etc.

The ultimate atlas realignment

One single application with permanent result

Video about the method


The Method is neither a clinical, nor physiotherapeutic method, is neither a diagnostic, nor therapeutic intervention, does not cure any disease, handicap or pain, and does not substitute medical or physiotherapeutic diagnosis and/or treatments. The Treatment is an action which helps the body to re-establish its balance (homeostasis) naturally, in the field of wellness and holistic medicine.